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April 12th, 2009
03:26 pm


Wow, I'm a geek
With the new netbook I have 6 internet devices in the hour:

Anubis - Dual Monitor desktop machine
Osirus - 17" laptop
Isis - Kid's desktop machine
Bast - HTPC hooked to the 52" screen
Ra - new netbook
Set - My Windows 6.1 PDA

Definitely a geek. Got another machine out in the garage that I need to get a screen for so that all three kids can use a computer without touching one of the ones I work with.

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01:29 pm


Turned 41 yesterday
Busy day:

Went to the bank.
Did 2 hours of makeup time at work.
Took the kids to a egg hunt near their school in Rio Linda.
Went by Fry's and picked up a micro netbook with a 8.9" screen. Ultraportable.
Took the kids to lunch at Hooters.
Got them Easter sandles at Walmart.
Picked up boxes at Office Depot.
Went out to dinner for sushi.
Took netbook back to Roseville Fry's and exchanged it (it kept powering down for now reason).
Came home.

Good day. I got to spend it with my kids, which is what was important.
Thanks to all who wish me a Happy Birthday via LiveJournal, Facebook, TXt, email, phone, and in person.

New netbook works good, btw. Just getting it setup the way I want and then need to tether it to my phone for when I'm not near a wifi connection.

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March 23rd, 2009
04:33 pm



World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.

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March 12th, 2009
03:01 am


Tweets for Today

  • 22:11 Thinking about old friends and what could have been... #

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February 12th, 2009
10:34 pm


Strange Question
Does anyone on my friends list have any experience with a Thermofax machine? This is the machine tattoo shops use to make stencils for tattoos. I'm wondering after a stencil is made what is the mechanism for transferring it to a surface, especially a hard surface, such as wood.

I'm wondering how could this would work to transfer graphics to wood or metal, for painting or engraving. For the paddle I made for a friend a while ago I had to manually trace over the design with a piece of carbon paper, which took quite a while. I'm wondering if a Thermofax would work to speed up this process.

If it would, I'm also if anyone knows of a service bureau (ala Kinkos) or a tattoo place in the Sacramento area (or that would be filling to mail stencils) that would do stencils for a fee?

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February 10th, 2009
08:57 pm


Trying to figure out a way to say this...
...without sounding arrogant.

I just took my first test in my Gov class. Didn't study for it. Read through the info once. Got 94% (142 out of 150 points) on the test.

A number of people have posted on the discussion boards how they got in the 70-80% range, after they did all this studying, etc. I don't think I'm particularly smarter then any of them. Maybe I'm just better at test. I sat down with the book, Firefox, Google, and Wikipedia. There were a couple of questions that were a little trick, but honestly, it wasn't that hard.

Off to finish watching the first episode of this season of "24". I love the irony involved in that.

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February 9th, 2009
10:00 am


Took my first quiz in my PoliSci301 class. Didn't study for it, but since it's an open book/open internet test, and I had at least read all the material I thought it would be ok. Got 41 out of 42 right. :) The silly thing is that tonight or tomorrow night I have to take the first exam. I'm going to at least go back over the info.

Did a week of the cabbage soup diet to start losing some weight. Last Monday I was at 200.2. I was at 197 this morning. Nice start. I just need to keep control of what I'm eating, and not just eat when I'm bored.

Shooting again, for the last part of the training video. First two disks delivered. Hopefully she is happy with them. Everything I can do at this point is done until we can shoot some more. It gives me not so rushed time after work this week. That is good.

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February 6th, 2009
09:14 am


Still busy
Shot last weekend for the training video. Got home and started capturing and editing the video. Computer is now tweaking out, and resetting at random times for no discernable reason. I managed to edit all the video we shot, but haven't been able to author the DVDs yet. I transfered the first video onto a portable hard drive and move it over to the laptop. It's rending the video right now, and I've already designed the menus. Hopefully when I get home tonight I can burn the first DVD out, and start on the second. Not sure if we are shooting tomorrow. I kinda hope not, so I can get the work I have here done, and burnt out, then take the time to figure out why the machine is resetting.

Very frustrating to have this happen in the middle of a big, paid project. Luckily I figured out a backup plan, and will be able to complete things, but I wish the computer problems could have waited until after I was done, especially with a deadline coming up.

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February 2nd, 2009
09:26 am


Still busy
Working on the training video. The Intro and Part 1 and done. Working on Part 3 right now (about halfway done with it at this point). Shot part of part 2 last weekend, and will finish up this coming weekend.

Did all the reading from PoliSci early in the week, but didn't write the short paper until late last night. Got it in with plenty on time to spare, but I want to take care of that stuff early in the week this time. We have a quiz this week, so I'll study up and hopefully take it Thursday night or so.

Good weekend with the kids, even though Bobbie was in trouble. I was thinking about it last night and I am so glad I see the time I get with them not as a burden, but as something to look forward to.

Off to work in a few. Yippee! At least I am still employed.

Been eating like crap lately. Got up to 203, which is bad. This morning I was at 200.2. I need to start eating better. Might as well start today. Now if I can just have the energy to not sit around when I get home and maybe do some exercises. We'll see.


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January 28th, 2009
09:10 am


Still alive, but busy
Started the government class. Boring reading, so been busy with that. Last Saturday I should part of a training video, and will be shooting again this Saturday. Time in between is taking up with logging the tapes and then editing them down. So while I do take breaks to read LJ I'm not posting much. After the editing job is complete (this is money to go to Disneyland in December) then I should be back.

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